Today, we are bringing our focus back to executive coaching! I am excited to take a deep dive into some of the biggest issues an executive coach might face around how an organization views the coach. How can we align needs of the sponsor organization with the needs of our client? My guest today is going to dive in with us to create organizational alignment.

Lisa Sansom is the owner of LVS Consulting, a boutique consulting firm that helps to build positive organizations. In these roles, Lisa shares positive psychology tools and techniques with her clients through speaking, corporate training, and coaching. She helps leaders create more positive impact on their teams and the workplace culture.

Lisa has been working in Organizational Development since 2000 working at financial companies, government, education and healthcare. Her focus is primarily on change management, high performing teams, and leadership development. Additionally, she writes articles and does book reviews for a number of magazines and online publications. Lisa holds a variety of degrees, including an MBA! Her expertise and experience will be excellent teachers for us as we learn all of her ins and outs of creating a strong relationship with your sponsor organization and your individual client.

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More in this episode:

  • Lisa shares what brought her into the world of coaching.
  • How Lisa gets connected to her clients.
  • The one question Lisa wants to ask a manager before working with a client.
  • What happens during a one-on-one with a client.
  • Coaching really does take time.
  • How to look into the future with your organization.
  • Transparency is the key.
  • Lisa shares how her positive psychology background can help when there isn’t a lot of hope for a client.
  • Why an Alignment Meeting is so effective.
  • Take notes!

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