What is intuition  and how do we use it in coaching? Whatever your approach to coaching, intuition is a tool that you may access to further the coaching process, if we know what to tap into.  Sometimes, we need a little help figuring out what that looks like. That’s where this week’s guest comes in.

Jille Bartolome is a Master Certified Coach, author, and speaker whose clients experience breakthroughs in living a life fully connected to their own wisdom.  Jille is an expert in guiding her clients to ever higher levels of leadership, achievement, and happiness.  Her clients and workshop participants value her humorous and holistic approach to communicating and her ability to inspire the right actions for each individual.

Jille blends the wisdom of the body, mind, and spirit connection with practical tools for a confident supportive approach. Jille has been called “The Velvet Hammer” by her colleagues and clients because of her soft, unassuming presence and her ability to hit the nail on the head with her edgy, confident questions that propel her clients forward. Jille’s strength as a coach and a speaker is in her own inner wisdom and her ability to guide others to tap into theirs.

I am so excited to share with you what Jille has to share with you about growing your coach’s intuition. When we learn to listen to our inner wisdom, we can unlock so much success not just for our clients, but for ourselves. You don’t want to miss out on Jille’s fun intuition experiment!

More in this episode:

  • Jille brings so much to the world of coaching. She shares her best thoughts on intuition.
  • Innate awareness is deep and powerful.
  • What do we even do with our intuition?
  • Our intuition can have biases.
  • Techniques for trusting your intuition.
  • We do a bit of an experiment!
  • There’s a coach for everyone.


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