This week we explore the importance of perspective and mindset.  The corporate world is full of opportunity and  challenge, how we choose to view and respond to each is key to how we show up and engage with the around us and how we are able to create a path to success.  For those in leadership positions, this can be that much more crucial.

My guest is Mike Caracalas, a speaker, author, and leadership coach. He spent 20 years in the corporate world and he says he “lived to tell about it.” When he began his career, he was filled with optimism and intentions to make his corporate life great, but he experienced incredible highs and very challenging lows. That led him to author the book, Corporate Life is Hell: How to Liberate the Leader Within You and Be Happy in Your Career. Mike is dedicated to coaching corporate executives who seek liberation to become happier, more effective leaders and people. Today, he shares his perspective and how it comes down to mindset, no matter who you’re coaching.

Show Highlights:

  • Mike’s journey into coaching, which began in 1995, and then he left the corporate world 8 years ago to be a full-time coach

  • Why Mike left the corporate world and realized his perspective was due to some of his own shortcomings and failures

  • How having his own coach has impacted his coaching work

  • Mike’s first coaching purpose: “to be the liberator to free people to live life consciously”

  • How Mike helps liberate others from FEAR and tap into courage

  • The reaction of his clients when he shines the light on fear

  • Mike’s 3-step formula for how to show up differently as a leader: Show up, connect, and take responsibility

  • How presence shows up in a wide range and has an enormous impact

  • Why we need to be honest about what the reality is so we can be a creator of change

  • How Mike helps leaders connect with their values and clarify them with his “Values Excavation”

  • How his perspective comes from his 20-year corporate experience and he’s not afraid to share that in authentic ways

  • How we choose to show up and respond with perspective to “corporate hell”

  • Why the catchy book title and the powerful subtitle

  • How Mike’s personal spiritual awakening experience is chronicled in the book

  • How we humans create a lot of suffering in our world because of our ego

  • How the suffering in “corporate hell” can be something you are liberated from through awakening

  • Why Mike left the corporate world and hasn’t gone back