Could you use more flow and organization in your life? How about in your office space? Whether you work at home or not, you probably need help with your paper piles, systems, and structures of organization. This is the show that WILL help!

Kathi Burns is a board certified Professional Organizer, Image Consultant, and the founder of Organized & Energized and Add Space to Your Life. Her book, How to Master Your Muck, helps readers get organized and add space to their lives so they can realize their dreams with less effort. She’s been published in several national magazines and featured on Good Morning America. She writes extensively on the subject of getting organized. She’s bringing her expertise to us today, helping us get unstuck and uncluttered from the things that make us overwhelmed and inefficient.

Show Highlights:

  •  Kathi’s life as a serial entrepreneur and how the 9/11 tragedy prompted the loss of her business and became one of the best things to allow her the space to reinvent herself

  • The skill of helping people navigate change and move forward with organization and without clutter

  • The biggest challenge for business owners: a lack of systems for papers

  • To control paper flow, you need an exit strategy: “Don’t have piles, have files.”

  • How to make files work for you: file vertically and according to the action you need to take on each paper

  • Why a pile represents indecision, procrastination, or avoidance

  • Kathi’s advice for entrepreneurs: Create a home office workspace that is like a business with a triangle of influence and a real file cabinet

  • To create the flow for success:

  • Set the intention for where you want to go

  •  Keep everything out that doesn’t help you meet your goals

  • Block times in your schedule for big, ongoing projects

  • Be aware of the calls to action in your life: inbox and text notifications

  • Kathi’s advice about heightening the awareness of your “muckiness” and gaining clarity on goals and stumbling blocks

  • Kathi’s free training tool: Six Steps to Organize and Create Your Amazing Home Office

  • Kathi’s services are one-on-one in person and via Skype; she helps people see where they’re stuck and helps remove blocks, which are often physical clutter. “If you eliminate stuff, then you can create systems for a work-life balance.”

  • Kathi’s Takeaway Tip: Have an intro to each week to set intentions and have a wrap-up at the end


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