Are you considering hiring a coach for your organization?  Do you need clarification on what coaching could do for you and your business? Helping others achieve their maximum potential is one of the many areas in which today’s guest excels and she will discuss the transformational impact coaching can have on a business or organization of any size.

Alison Hendren, a previous guest on Star Coach Podcast episode 11, joins Meg for a candid conversation regarding the positive, dramatic changes coaching can have on your organization. Alison has been an Executive Coach and Coaching Educator since 1996 and is passionate about results effective coaching can bring about in every aspect of life. To share her vision with others, she created Coaching Out of the Box® and now over 16,000 people in approximately 40 countries have experienced the Flagship 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program™. Alison led a faculty team at Royal Roads University for 13 years with the Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching Program at Royal Roads University. During her leadership, over 1200 leaders from across Canada, US, Europe, and Asia achieved the rigorous CEC designation. She also serves on the faculty for the Executive Coaching Program at the University of Texas in Dallas. Alison has quite a successful background in varying aspects of business and is widely known and respected. Today’s exciting show is an episode you will want to hear!

Show Highlights:

  • Alison and Meg discuss the success and benefits of Alison’s coaching programs including Coaching Out of The Box®.

  • Alison’s coaching programs can be used in any size organization.

  • Alison’s coaching programs have proven results in large organizations, even since she last joined Meg on the show.

  • Corporations are seeing the benefits of training employees to have coach-like conversations.

  • Alison’s training promotes motivation and innovation in problem-solving in the workplace.

  • Make sure your organization is ready for coaching training.

  • Various methods of implementing Alison’s programs have been successful


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