Do you need more clarity about how to gain more confidence in your coaching business? Today’s show is a solo episode where we’ll discuss how to quiet the self-doubt that seems to reign supreme in our heads at times and how to increase overall clarity.
Show Highlights:

  • Five areas where we need to build clarity and increase confidence (and practical tips for getting there!): Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are my unique strengths and value propositions?

  • Think of the experiences you’ve had that differentiate you from others

  • Leverage your strengths and uniqueness (check out Episodes 88 & 77 for more info)

  • Who should I trust? Where do I begin?

  • Explore the success stories of industry leaders whom you can learn from

  • Follow podcasts, books, and blogs of mentors. Three favorites of mine are Amy Porterfield’s Online Marketing Made Easy, Jeff Walker, and Brendon Burchard (look for free content first!)

  • How do I get clear about who I want to work with?

  • Begin by working with a variety of clients

  • Think about who you enjoy working with most and feel the most energized with

  • How do I continue to build my reputation and credibility within my target population?

  • Think about the systems and processes you use with clients

  • Speak in the language of your clients

  • How can I continue to build my tribe in my community?

  • Focus on #’s 1-4 here

  • Find what would be a good fit for communicating with your target population, like Facebook Live, Instagram stories, blog, YouTube videos, or LinkedIn (The key is consistency!)


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