How important is your LinkedIn profile or your website bio? Do they present you as you want to be seen? Do they tell your target audience what you want them to know? Today’s show covers these topics and more, including how you can differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Marie Zimenoff is CEO of Career Thought Leaders Consortium and Resume Writing Academy. She has a mission to change the world through proactive career management. Marie has worked for corporate, workforce, corrections, universities, private practices, and is consistently pursuing the latest strategies and tools to achieve the best client outcomes in every setting. We talk about how we, as professional coaches, can create a way that puts us in front or our audience that isn’t about labels and titles but brings a story to the profile. This is a good follow-up to last week’s show about SEO because once you get people to your website, you have to consider how you present yourself to them and make sure you stand out among others.

Show Highlights:
  • How Marie started out as a counselor in career development 12 years ago, and then transitioned 5 years ago into training others through Career Thought Leaders Consortium. She added personal branding and image consulting 2 years ago with the Resume Writing Academy

  • Marie’s ICF Converge workshop, where she helps people create professional bios that show who you are as a coach and how you create unique value

  • In your bio, there are different categories to include to identify your super strengths, what makes you different, and what makes you human

  • Marie’s exercises to get clarity: they include fill-in-the-blank pieces, success stories, favorite clients, themes in feedback, and your own stories

  • How to take unique attributes and put them in a bio or resume:

  • Think about who your audience is

  • Don’t be afraid to lead with bold statements

  • Record yourself speaking about yourself

  • Your bio can be changed and updated as you find the words and phrases that best describe you

  • Things to know about LInkedIn:

  • People are there when they need to be, but not every day

  • Have another way to interact besides just LinkedIn

  • Don’t make your first LinkedIn contact with someone a sales pitch

  • Determine how active you want to be on LinkedIn

  • Things to include in your profile: who you are, who you work with, what you do, and why you do it

  • Balance keywords and use the allowed characters to put descriptions in title fields

  • Marie’s tip to implement NOW: Make sure your target audience isn’t too broad. Be brave in thinking who they are and what problems they struggle with

  • Build on what you know and have done

  • Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable in your story



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