What do your dreams mean? Does dream work intersect with the world of coaching? Today’s guest shows you exactly how dream work and coaching can combine to bring meaningful value to clients.

Will Sharon spent the first 13 years of his career working in psychiatric facilities, experiencing the clinical side. He was a teacher in a children’s unit and a therapist at the VA. Will holds a Social Work degree and has a varied background that brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his coaching practice. He has been an actor, bartender, law student, and has spent much time in corporate America before he found himself entering the world of coaching. Within this very special niche, he works with his clients to help them better understand the inner wisdom that is coming to them through their dreams. He will explain to us how we can help clients tune into that inner wisdom. His special work in leveraging the power of dreams is fascinating and intriguing. Let’s learn how he helps empower his clients through that process.

Show Highlights:

  • Will worked as a therapist with people around their dreams for 13 years and then had a 35-year corporate career

  • Why he decided to pursue a coaching career and fit his dream work into it

  • A diagnostic dream example and the emotional arc of the dream: emotion, frustration, and disaster

  • A prescriptive dream and how it works to create an infrastructure

  • How Will “goes back into the dream”—the difference in the therapeutic model and the coaching model

  • “Active imagination” and how to use it to go back into the dream

  • The impact of co-creating dream exploration with clients

  • Approaching a client about opening up their dreams and that part of their life

  • Ask your clients, “Do you remember your dreams?”

  • Understanding the importance of details in the dream story and that the emotions about the story are the key

  • The difference between recurring dreams and one-time dreams

  • Getting the interpretation of the dream and moving on

  • How dreams are valuable in every culture

  • Tools and techniques in dream work

  • Why dreamwork is unique from goal-oriented coaching


Will Sharon    Visit Will’s website for more information about his upcoming virtual course in October!