Social media presents coaches and small business owners with multiple innovative opportunities–and most of us are unaware of how to use those to our benefit. Want to learn more about unlocking this potential? Today’s featured guest teaches us to use the tools available to us to help our coaching businesses thrive–without paid ads. Join us to learn from his expertise in creating viral content that generates unlimited leads and solidifies client retention. 

Michael Gerardi is the founder and CEO of NextGenCEOs. He is known for taking struggling online coaches and turning them into profitable six-figure business owners. Over the past three years, Michael has been on a mission to help over 100 online coaches achieve six-figure incomes in six months or less without paid ads through his Content To Cash Method. He has scaled his business to over $1 million in revenue without paid ads. Your audience is filled with online coaches and entrepreneurs who are passionate about scaling their businesses online, and Michael is here to help them truly become CEOs while they achieve financial freedom without having to trade their time for money. 

Show Highlights:

  • Michael’s motivation to help struggling online coaches be more profitable
  • Michael’s skill set as a fitness coach—and how he learned to put his customers first
  • Going viral and going viral to your audience are two different things!
  • Getting clear about who you want to speak to by identifying their pain points
  • Michael’s process to create effective reach to his clients uses effective headlines, trending audio, an “attention-grabbing, scroll-stopping hook,” and captions.
  • Ideas to put in a compelling video to grab your audience’s attention
  • Be aware of what the algorithms are looking for!
  • The impacts Michael has seen in his business
  • “Information is free. People hire you for implementation.”
  • Understanding how to turn eyeballs and content into cash through building relationships
  • Retaining clients through creating systems and follow-ups
  • Referrals and retention to build revenue


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