Mentor Program

A Focus on Results Coaching

The mentor program is designed to fulfill criteria for ICF certification at ACC or PCC level and meets re-certification criteria for ACC level or can be applied to Core Competency Continuing Education Credits.

Mentor coaching is an opportunity to work with other coaches in a group setting and also have focused individual coaching sessions.

It is an opportunity for learning, coaching and growing.

The group is limited to 10 coaches and the group times are set by group consensus, individual times are arranged to meet each participant’s needs.

What you will receive: 12 hours of qualified mentor coaching by a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and faculty member in 2 ICF accredited coach training programs. 

7.5 hours in a small mentor group (10 or less participants) where we will focus on the updated core coaching competencies and how they apply to professional skill development.  Participants will be encouraged to share experiences with one another for learning, bring questions, challenges and successes and participate in live coaching within the group. The group experience provides an opportunity to work with other coaches to build skills and share experiences.   It is required that these sessions are attended live for mentor credit, so an additional group time will be added, this offers a total of 9 hours of group mentor coaching hours.

Each participant will receive 3 hours of individual mentor coaching to address their particular challenges and areas for growth.

Scheduling:  The meeting times for the six 90 minute group meetings will be set in a short scheduling meeting so that we can get group consensus for all of the group meeting times.  Each participant accesses their individual sessions to fix their individual schedules.  Mentor Coaching must occur over a minimum of 3 months. 

Here’s what group participants are saying:

“Meg is engaging, wise and an amazing example of intuitive, compassionate and results-oriented coaching. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from her in two group settings and during private sessions. She brought out the best in my gifts and talents while also gently asking the “tough stuff”. I highly recommend her if you need Mentor Coach Training or individual assistance in making your goals and dreams come true. She is unique and special, a blessing in my journey!” Becky M.

“I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Meg during my studies in the Executive Coaching Program at UTD where she is an instructor and supervising coach. Meg is simply premier at what she does in the coaching realm. She showed her enthusiasm, dedication and commitment to the profession in every interaction she had with our group, all of whom were aspiring coaches. I witnessed her skills in coaching on a regular basis over a one-year period and as a former executive, I learned a lot from her about developing my skills and reaching my potential as an executive coach. Her style is both encouraging and challenging with an intense focus on the needs of her clients. And I must say, the brilliance of her personality will make your day!  I highly recommend Meg for coaching work at the Executive or Personal level.” Richard W.

“I met Meg during the ICF certification class at University of Texas Dallas where she instructs. I was impressed with her professionalism, the thought provoking information during her instruction, as well as how easy it was to approach her with any questions or in general. 
Due to this initial experience, I decided to join her recertification class. Again, I was impressed with her professionalism, coaching abilities and her willingness to go the extra mile for her students.  
I highly recommend Meg if you need a coach and/or to meet your credentialing requirements.”  Sandra W.

The mentor program offers a total of 12 hours of live coaching, focused on your coach development this counts toward mentor coaching or Core Competency CCUs. Program Investment is $1450.00/participant, early bird rate $1300.00 until April 30, 2021.  To secure a place in the program contact Meg.                                              

If you would like to know more about the mentor programs and/or individual mentor coaching, contact me at, call (817) 845-3594,or schedule an exploratory call. I look forward to discussing you mentor needs.

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