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An Amazing tool for coaches

The STaR Coach Show is an incredible resource for both new and experienced coaches. As I work to build my practice, I use Meg’s show as my go-to to hear what other successful coaches have done to be more impactful in their work. This podcast covers a wide variety of topics that can help a coach build their practice, better serve their clients, and grow personally and professionally. I can’t thank Meg enough for bringing this amazing resource to all the coaches out there, this is truly amazing!

Thought provoking loaded with great coaching nuggets

I really appreciate the broad range of guests and topics that Meg brings every week. I always take away something, usually more than a few, that helps me improve not only my coaching but my life. I’m a big FAN!

Amazing Podcasts from Meg Rentschler!

Meg’s STaR Coach Show is fabulous!  She picks interesting guests for her show that have extremely valuable information.  I love the connections between Meg and her guests.  Her passion and enthusiasm are contagious to all.  I wish I would have had this resource when I started coaching long ago.

A must for both novice and experienced coaches!

I have listened to dozens of expert coach interviews over the years but none as informative and entertaining as the STaR Coaches program. Meg Rentschler has a real talent for interviewing these experts and assuring that the content is as relevant to experienced coaches as it is for the novice. Her thoughtful questions are a hybrid of interviewing and coaching, prompting the guest experts to provide answers that are both profound and practical. I have listened to several of the programs more than once—something I rarely do! I highly recommend the STaR Coaches podcasts to anyone who wants to gain new insights and deepen their coaching practice.

Best of the Best

I know from working with Meg regularly that she is all about quality, enthusiasm, and getting to the real deal with coaching, the skills and concepts of coaching, and the business of coaching. I gain something from every podcast episode, but this one really impacted me with the right stuff at the right time. Ben Dooley has a fresh, unfeigned approach to coaching and to life that is contagious, simple, yet totally powerful and accessible to all. I love the technique of the five words (can’t wait to try it…) as well as the way he cuts through the clutter of courses, tools, and “stuff” to just find and rely on your best self, and bring that self to the business of coaching. Thank you, MEG, for attracting great people like Ben to your show, and of course, who would NOT want to talk to the effervescent Meg Rentschler and share your story and your valuable secrets???

Great listen for continuing development!

If you are looking for a resource to help energize your coaching, continue your own development or just reflect on your own practice-then this podcast is for you. Meg invites excellent guests to share their “golden nuggets” and I always walk away with new ideas and lots of learnings!

Best Ever!

Meg’s podcast is an absolute gem! Her podcasts are packed with resources from the best coaches across the nation. I have grown both professionally and personally from listening! She is an inspirational coach!
Bobby Joe Jr

Great Advocate and Educator for the Coaching Industry

Meg is fantastic.  Her enthusiasm and desire to educate and impact the coaching profession by bringing coaches together in community and working hard to connect us with resources for growth strengthens our profession, and each of the STaR Coach members.

Coaching Excellence

Meg is such a wonderful coach. I had the privilege of taking a course with Meg as one of the instructors. You know how late afternoon learning can be tough? Often it’s the worst time to ask someone to listen attentively. Well with Meg, you are energized, appreciated, focused, laughing, and learning. She’s had many years of experience as a therapist and coach. Her knowledge well is deep. Take advantage of all she has to offer and listen to these wonderful podcasts!

A gift for all coaches

I cannot say enough in words how valuable Meg Rentschler’s “STaR Coach Show” podcast is for all coaches and professionals at large. What a rich, valuable resource Meg has created. Whether you are a coach who is just starting out or an established coach of many years, Meg has developed and continues to generate an invaluable line-up of professionals from whom we can all benefit from their lessons learned, guidance, expertise and deep knowledge of a particular topic. Meg’s skilled line of inquiry mines for the nuggets that could in all honesty take years to uncover without such a smart collection of information already curated for us. What a gift! It’s a treasure for anyone within the coaching community and/or professionals at large seeking to increase their skills, and in particular, their conversational and emotional competency and fluency. Thank you, Meg, for this gem of a resource you created to elevate all who engage with it. Grateful!
Sue Fox Schwartz

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