This is a busy time of year, and there’s usually lots of holiday parties to attend, preparations to make, and time is spent with the people you love most. This is also the time of year that we begin to start assessing how we ran our business this year, and what we would like to do differently. This is why I am so glad you have joined me today because my guest is going to give you the information and tools you will need to enter into this season of self-evaluation and New Years Resolutions. Is one of your goals for 2018 to promote or market your business? Then strap in for a fast-paced and info-filled ride with Trevor Crane.

Trevor is passionate about helping people build their business. He is a 10-time #1 International bestselling author and a fellow podcaster at The Greatness Quest. Trevor wants to bestow upon you the power of writing a book as a marketing tool. Intentionally writing a book can give your business the attention and traction it needs to grow in 2018. Are you prepared to connect with your target audience? Write a book. Do you want to broadcast your message to the world? Write a book.

Trevor has a lot of information about marketing strategies for you today. This is an info-packed episode, so I hope you are ready to learn something. It’s time to turn your resolutions into actions! Let’s get going.

More in this episode:

  • Trevor’s story of his past 15 years of business.
  • After heartbreak and bankruptcy, Trevor knew he needed a self-worth overhaul.
  • Pick your mentors very carefully, and follow through with what they say.
  • How to have a great conversation with someone.
  • You are your brand, and that is what connects with your audience.
  • Instead of bragging to your client, it is important to quiet yourself and ask great questions.
  • The 2 Questions to ask to get that client.
  • Ask probing questions about pain, but make sure to listen.
  • The mission of Epic Author Publishing to publish 1,000 new authors.
  • Make a declaration on Social Media.
  • Use book interviews to find clients and promotional partners.
  • Define your ideal client.
  • Trevor shares his road to publishing and how finding the right help led him and his wife to multiple bestselling novels.
  • Parting words of wisdom, and the actions you need to take to get writing now.

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