Here we are, approaching the end of the year and a new beginning. It’s a great time to look at the way we make choices and the perspective with which we see ourselves and the world. In today’s show, we are looking at the concept of living significantly, and within that, the radical gift of struggle.

Signy Wilson is an electrifying and enthusiastic change-maker, entrepreneur, coach, and speaker. I met her recently, and we had lots of fun and felt immediate synergy. Signy is absolutely passionate about helping us to participate in life more fully. She demands that you choose to live fully, beginning immediately. She is proactive, action-oriented, and authentic. She’s going to call us forward to be our best selves and live our best lives, doing whatever it takes to wake up and give meaningful contribution to the world. In today’s conversation, we focus on how we as coaches live fully, as well as how we help our clients do that. We focus on one of her principles of significant living, the radical gift of struggle, and what that brings forth.

Show Highlights:

  • What attracted Signy to the world of coaching and fueled her passion for the profession
  • How significant living has become her mission
  • Her principle of the radical gift of struggle as it relates to how we see the world
  • How to help when people slip into victimhood and let circumstances run the show
  • How to help people become aware of the lens they’re looking through
  • The radical gift of struggle shows us when we are off-track and out of balance
  • Why coaches have to be fully committed to self-development
  • How Signy has learned and applied the gift of struggle to her fight with cancer
  • How she looked within to find internal balance and compassion to help others
  • Signy’s tips:
    • Watch out for “forcing,” because we lose touch with our true selves
    • Know the distinction between hard work and struggle
  • What living significantly looks like for a coach
  • Signy’s Seven Principles: fully alive, daily radical, epic love, alignment, significant impact, ease, and radical struggle
  • How coaches find their special uniqueness and clarity
  • Signy’s “Choose the Change” advice for being proactive and conscious in transitions
  • Why your life is YOUR responsibility
  • Why we need each other to heal
  • Signy’s webinar series in January 2019


Signy Wilson

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