Today’s show is an unforgettable episode filled with incredible learning. I hope you are always thinking about how you can creatively expand your coaching offerings and your impact. We all want to bring our message to our ideal audience and wow them with it, which is precisely how today’s guest operates. Join us to learn more.

Dr. Sherry Yellin has over 20 years’ experience in designing, creating, and delivering learning and coaching solutions to leaders in many industries. Her gift is helping others understand how to do what she does. Sherry helps us identify the right need and the right solution delivered in the right way. You might remember Sherry from Episode 60 when she shared her CRANIUM learning principles with us.

Show Highlights:

● How today’s interview shares a different perspective than Sherry’s Episode 60 appearance

● Why the #1 key to impact your coaching is to focus on the right solution for the right need

● How to identify your client’s right need

● Simple strategies to identify the real need, beginning with staying in questioning mode

● How Sherry uses her discovery with clients to identify their need

● How Sherry customizes her coaching to ask deeper questions:

○ Write down the names of those who can be your ideal clients

○ Email them and “pick their brains”

○ Ask them who else you need to reach

● How these invested people will start participating in your program because they know you’re meeting their needs

● Questions to ask in finding the right solution:

○ How can you integrate several solutions to meet the need?

○ What can you do prior to the learning event?

○ How can you follow up with reinforcement?

● The right way: How to design the solution the way the brain works best to eliminate problems and frustrations

● An overview of Sherry’s CRANIUM principles:

○ C–Challenge

○ R–Relevance

○ A–Action

○ N–Novelty

○ I–Interaction

○ U–Using emotion

○ M-Multiple intelligences

● Sherry’s book (2019): Unforgettable Leadership: 7 Principles for Leading, Learning, & Living

● Sherry’s online Fb community: Unforgettable Design

● How you can download Sherry’s ebook, Don’t Be Boring

● Sherry’s parting advice on delivering your message and being unforgettable


Sherry’s book: Unforgettable Leadership: 7 Principles for Leading, Learning, & Living by Sherry Yellin

Sherry’s Facebook Group: Unforgettable Design

Sherry’s website