What are you doing RIGHT NOW that’s upping your coaching game and moving you forward? Whatever your coaching field and level of expertise, this show is all about helping you grow in proficiency with the way you engage with your clients. One of the major components of successful coaching in a feedback culture is trust. Let’s take a closer look with today’s expert guest!

Dr. Tom Krapu is a coach with inexhaustible curiosity, and he uses a highly collaborative, reliable, and flexible approach in the facilitation of coaching methods. He works with his clients to create an impact across their organizations that leads to lasting and meaningful results. Through executive coaching and 360 feedback, Tom is committed to helping organizations develop leadership and create powerful cultures. He has worked with individuals in their development for over 30 years and has specialized as a coach, facilitator, and trainer since 2001. His internationally-focused work has included coaching engagements in Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Europe, and the US across diverse sectors of the economy from health care, finance, publishing, government, and higher education.

Show Highlights:

  • What lights Tom up about coaching and keeps him in this work
  • How to understand the basics of a feedback culture
  • How the Johari window model and its four quadrants form a framework for our awareness of ourselves
  • Why trust is a game changer when it comes to a feedback culture
  • Success indicators that show a high-trust environment: employee climate surveys, exit interviews, and a high retention rate compared to industry standards
  • How to implement best practices in ratings, reports, and 360 feedback
  • How 360 feedback surveys should be done to prevent mistrust and abuse and increase accountability
  • Why 360 feedback results should be paired with a robust, professional debriefing to create meaning
  • How to use the Stop, Start, Continue Method to create a culture of trust (See Resources for Tom’s blog on the subject.)


Connect with Dr. Tom Krapu: Website, LinkedIn, Blog Article on Stop, Start, Continue

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