Creating a Profitable and Sustainable Business

Creating a profitable and sustainable business allows us to create a stable foundation and income so that we can show up with confidence and calm in the coaching partnership.   When we are clear about what we do, who we serve and the value that our services provide we are more likely to attract the kind of clients that light us up and that will most benefit from our services.  This collection includes episodes that: 


  • Explore Business Lessons Learned from Experienced Coaches
  • Provide Social Media Strategies
  • Teach marketing strategies
  • Look at being a public speaker, author, trainer
  • Discuss personal branding
  • Dive into websites and SEO
  • Explore business foundations with organization, legal and financial management
  • Provide insights into assessments
  • Selling to Corporations

Want Clients & Income?

Dive into Business Building

75: Organize For Success
75: Organize For Success

If you are feeling overwhelmed and out of focus in your coaching business then it might be time for you to organize for...

74: Monetize Your Expertise
74: Monetize Your Expertise

This week on the Star Coach Show, I am excited to bring you another business building strategy! We’ve talked at...

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